About me

Welcome to The food Therapist!
Hi, I’m Christina your food therapist. I live in a tiny island that’s fill with sunshine and most of all delicious food - Singapore.
I’m a person who enjoys eating and cooking. I may not an expert in cooking but I do believe that people who eat my food will leave them feeling happy, satisfied and contented.

Why do I call myself The Food Therapist?
For me, food is the best medicine. Food not only makes you full when you are hungry but it is a remedy to human’s souls. Different kinds of food can create various types of moods - happiness, bitterness, sweetness or even jealousy.
I will be giving my very honest review on all kind of food that I have tried and of course I would love to share some of my very own recipe with everyone.
Cheers! :)

Contact Me
Feel free to comment or drop me a line at basschristinaATgmail.com