Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Black Pepper Pork Chop

Cooking western food is always a challenge for me, I usually had a hard time figuring out whether is the pork chop is cooked. But I love to eat western food. And in fact it wasn’t really that hard to make at all. Sometimes I really wish I could just be full time housewife ha ha so that I would have more time to explore and try out new recipe often.

Ingredients: Serves 1

- 1 / 2 pcs of pork chop
- 1 cup bake beans
- pre-ready fries (cooked in toaster / oven according to package)
- 2 – 3 pcs lettuces
- 1 carrots (slice and boil)
- 50g frozen corns (cooked in microwave / steamer according to package)
- 2 tbsp black pepper sauce
- corn starch


Marinade pork with soya sauce, pepper. Prepare grilling pan and grill pork both side for 4 to 5 min or till cooked if the pork is too thick. Put aside.
Sauces – mix corn starch with water. Boil black pepper sauce and slowly pour corn starch till the mixture is thick. Pour onto pork chop and serve with fries, beg and bake beans.


Janicia said...

Looks very yummy!!!

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