Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teriyaki Chicken Wrap

The first time my teriyaki was too watery so this is the improve version of teriyaki chicken wrap. Though this time my chicken has some ‘chao ta’ (burned), it was because the sauce on my chicken, it’s not really entirely burn. Ha ha. I actually been wanted to make this dish quite sometimes ago but didn’t really have the time. I was somehow inspire by my ex boss’ girlfriend when we had our company bbq at his house a few years ago. That time they use bacon to wrap hotdog. I guess now it has become pretty common, but at that point of time it was my first time.

Too bad I didn’t eat the hotdog wraps because I don’t eat hotdogs. I’m like some kind of freak that doesn’t eat a lot of things which people love to death ha ha. Food like hotdogs, cheese, crabmeat (favoured not from real crab), abalone etc… There is too many to mention. Usually anyone that eat with me will tell me “such a nice food, wasted” ha ha.

Ingredients: Serves 2 to 3

- 5 - 6 pcs chicken filet
- asparagus (Enough to wrap chicken)
- 350ml ready Teriyaki Sauce (I use the brand Hinode from NTUC)
- corn starch mix with water


Marinade chicken with teriyaki sauce for 30mins. Boil asparagus till cooked.
Wrap chicken filet with asparagus. Use toothpick to prevent chicken and asparagus from falling apart. Important don’t make the wrap too thick as it will take longer time to cook.

Prepare griller or grill pan, grill chicken wrap till cooked. Take out the toothpick. Prepare a saucepan, pour in teriyaki sauce. Bring it to boil and slowly add in corn starch, cook till mixture become thickens and pour onto grilled chicken wrap.
Serve hot with rice.


Nick said...

nice !!! you make me hungry

M-Knight said...


Jong said...

Chao ta one = =

Troy Richardo Mulyono said...

wah, this is a great blog. I must try to cook this food ! thanks for the info :)

Benjamin said...

From the Picture it look like Overcook. I've Taste it and it is nice. Might need to lower down on e Heat Temperature. Yum Yum...haha

Chef Dennis said...

those look so good! The colour is perfect looks like a nice caramelization.....
thanks for sharing

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