Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Konnichiwa! Not long ago I “psycho” my hubby to buy me this cute lovely thing, sushi maker, and I’m sooooo going to make sushi with this ha ha. At first I thought it was easy to use but it wasn’t really that easy, it require a few techniques. So end up I did some other type of sushi instead of just the sushi rolls. I can say it was pretty easy to make the rice as I played ‘cheat’ ha ha. It was so much easier and faster. Everyone can cook delicious sushi rice! Yeah!

As this was my first time making, I actually break a few sushi rolls. :x The broken and ugly ones were eaten by me, so the much more presentable will give to my family.


- sushi rice
- 1pkt powered sushi mixture (can be bought at NTUC)
- 2 – 3pcs tau pok / bean curd puffs (cut into half)
- half cup of mirin
- 1tbsp dark soya sauce
- 2tbsp sugar
- 1 egg
- luncheon meats
- seaweed


Cook sushi rice, once cook leave it aside to cool. After cooling, pour powered sushi mixture into the rice bit by bit and stir. Add more sushi mixture till the rice is sticky.
We will make the sweet tau pok, mix sugar, mirin, dark soya sauce and some water together and bring it to boil and add in tau pok. Let the tau pok absorb the mixture till it taste slightly sweet. Drain out the water and leave it aside.
Next is the tamago, beat egg and add sugar. Pour egg into pan evenly and thinly. Fold in carefully.
Fry luncheon meat and set aside in kitchen paper.

For Inari-sushi (Stuffed Tofu Sushi) – Stuff rice into ready cook tau pok.
For egg / luncheon meat sushi – wet your hand and shape the rice before placing tamago / luncheon meat onto it.
For egg / luncheon meat roll – I’m using my sushi making set to roll the sushi.


Kristy Anne Nunis said...

thanks :D
i'm gonna make sushi now ;p

ohmywtf said... least they look nice and :-) good job!

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